Chef 103 -New!

Chef 103 -New! (Saturday's, 7,14,21& 28 ;10am)

By popular demand!

Morning Class!

We are proud to announce the “Chef 103” Series. This “New” series will continue in the footstep of the previous classes and focus on enhancing your cooking skills. Recipes will be more advance and include some new proteins and cooking techniques as well as cooking with spices!

Class 1 – World Cuisine

From Germany to Jamaica, with a stop in Asia! This class will demonstrate several techniques and great recipes from around the World. You will leave wanted more!


Class 2 – Advance French Cooking

As French Cooking is always challenging, this class will include even more advance cooking as the previous program, and teach you some of the most complicated recipes you have been always wanted to cook …. Like Cassoulet!


Class 3 – Italian Favorite

Always very popular, we will continue our journey through this wonderful country as we cook more of its flavorful classic dishes.


Class 4 –Cooking with Spices!

This class will complete the Chef 103 Series, focusing on using spices, dry rubs and marinade. Spices can add so much to a dish, only if it is used with the right balance!

Our chefs will teach you the nuances of doing just that!


$325 for four Classes

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